Zoology is the scientific study of animals, encompassing their biology, behavior, physiology, evolution, classification, and ecology. It is a branch of biology that focuses on understanding the diverse life forms found in the animal kingdom and their interactions with each other and their environments.

Zoologists, scientists who specialize in zoology, study various aspects of animals, including:

Zoology is essential for understanding the diversity of life on Earth and the intricate interactions between animals and their ecosystems. The knowledge gained from zoological research helps in wildlife conservation, animal welfare, veterinary medicine, and the understanding of human biology and health, as many biological processes are shared among different animal species, including humans.

Zoologists play a crucial role in studying and preserving endangered species, identifying threats to wildlife, and developing strategies for their protection. Additionally, the field of zoology has contributed to advancements in medical research, agriculture, and the understanding of animal behavior, which has practical applications in various industries and fields of study.